We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the Big Change coming to 6th/7th/8th grade Jr Indians football!  

By joining the RPS 205 league, we have guaranteed your player a fuller schedule, while avoiding the need to play our counterparts multiple times throughout the regular season. The RPS league usually has 7-8 teams each season per division. This will provide us a season of games against different opponents, and a season that is similar to the current NIC-10 schedule.

There are a few changes that need noted:

*Quarter Lengths -- The JV (7th grade division) will now play 7 minute quarters, while the Varsity (8th grade division) will play 8 minute quarters, as opposed to the 10 minute quarters played at the NIFC

*Academic Eligibility -- The eligibility requirements state that players must be passing 5/7 classes with a D or better at the end of the semester prior to the season start (ie...4th quarter that is just beginning). There will also be ongoing monitoring of academics with information provided by your schools Athletic Directors to the RRL designee once a week throughout the football season

*Rosters -- Rosters at the opposing schools may be comprised of combination teams. 6th grade may play with 7th grade at the JV level and 7th grade may play with 8th grade at the Varsity level. The Jr Indians anticipate having enough players to have a fully rostered 7th grade only (JV) team and 1 - 2 fully rostered 8th grade only (Varsity) teams.

*Game Rules -- There are a few minor rule changes to the flow of the game. We will provide each 7th/8th grade family with access to the RPS 205 Rule Book once we have gained our finalized copy.

We are very excited for the change! We realize as the season gets closer, there will be a learning curve in this inaugural season. We promise to work diligently to ensure your player, and your family, a fun and successful season.

Thank you for your support during this time of change.

The RRL Jr. Indians cheerleading is designed to allow girls to learn the basics of cheerleading which includes cheering, tumbling, stunting, dancing as well as some basic of football, allowing them to understand the game they are cheering for. Our philosophy is to give all cheerleaders a positive experience working with others and feeling like part of a team. We want to enhance our football games with fun, athletic and energetic spirit.


The mission of the RRL Junior Indians is to create a league with the purpose to instruct youth in the skills of Football and Cheerleading; where they can play, have fun, and make friends without any fear of discrimination; and where all participating organizations have a set of rules so they have a sense of fair play. Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for stimulating Football and Cheerleading in the Roscoe-Rockton and surrounding communities; to play a major role in teaching fundamentals, skills, proficiency, teamwork, regardless of race, color, creed, age. religion or gender.

The purpose of RRL Junior Indians Football & Cheer is to provide an understanding of the game of football and encourage sportsmanship and character in the game and life.  Our mission is to teach the fundamentals and rules in addition to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the game.  We are committed to encouraging a balance of football, family, school, and fun.  Our goal is that the athlete will understand how football promotes and develops positive life qualities such as team, respect, discipline, effort, perseverance and fitness.  We hope you will find our website both informative and user friendly.



RRL Jr. Indians Football

RRL Jr. Indians Football is a member of the Northern Illinois Football Conference (NIFC). We are a feeder program for District 207 Hononegah High School.  We have six divisions of football; 8th Grade, 6/7th Grade, Middleweight,  Lightweight and Flyweight. The lower 4 divisions of football have a major emphasis on playing time, so all eligible athletes will play; however, players will earn positions and slightly more playing time. 

As we prepare our 7th and 8th graders for high school, our expectations and requirements differ.  This level of football plays all eligible athletes; however, players will earn a position and more playing time based on skill, attitude, effort, teamwork and sportsmanship. Substitution and cross training are encouraged to develop non-starting players.

our mission