​Division placement is determined by AGE as of August 1, NOT by grade, including weight restrictions, per NIFC guidelines.


  • Flyweight: 2-3 grade OR ages 7/8
    • weight 100 lbs / 107 lbs petitioned
  • Lightweight: 4th Grade OR age 9
    • ​weight 125 lbs / 135 lbs petitioned
  • Middleweight: 5th grade OR age 10
    • ​weight 135 lbs / 145 petitioned
  • Heavyweight: 6th grade OR age 11
    • weight 165 lbs / 175 petitioned
  • 7th Grade:
    • No age or weight restrictions
  • 8th Grade
    • ​No age or weight restrictions

Dates to Remember:


  • Jan 6:  The Passing Zone Clinic
  • TBD: Registration Opens
  • TBD:  Early Registration ENDS
  • TBD:  First Uniform Fitting
  • TBD:  2nd Uniform Fitting
  • TBD:  General Registration ENDS
  • TBD:  Final Uniform Fitting
  • TBD:  Hono Youth Football Camp
  • TBD:  Beloit Bucs Football Camp
  • TBD:  Rockton Rush Football Camp
  • July 16-20, 2018:  7th/8th Gr Jr Indians Camp
  • July 29, 2018:  Final Equip Pickup @ RSC 5:30-7:30
  • July 30, 2018: NIFC Practice begins
  • ​August 11, 2018:  Pre-Season Jamboree, NIU
  • August 12, 2018:  Opening Day Celebration
  • TBD:  Flag Football begins
  • August 18, 2018: Games begin
  • ​October 20, 2018:  NIFC Playoffs                   Fly -Heavy Seeds 1 & 4  @   TBD                          Fly - Heavy  Seeds 2 & 3 @ TBD                   7th & 8th Grade @TBD
  • October 27, 2018:  NIFC Championship Games Fly - Heavy at Rockton Sports Complex       7th and 8th Grade at Hampshire




Who can play RR Junior Indians Football?

Boys and Girls age 7 - 8th  grade can play RRL Jr Indians Football.

Where is practice held?
Rockton Sports Complex

When does practice begin?
Practice will begin on July 31, 2017 for ALL teams.

What should my football player wear to the first day of practice?
For the first three days of practice the players are to wear cleats, helmet, and a t-shirt with their division and name on the back.

After those three days, it is full football gear. See Equipment page for more information.

What is the NIFC?
NIFC = Northern Illinois Football Conference    This is the conference our Flyweights thru Heavyweights, as well as 7th and 8th grade play in.

What time is practice?
5 - 7 pm Monday thru Friday until school begins.

​5 - 7 pm Tuesday thru Thursday after school begins (or days designated by coaches)

Where are the home games played?
Riverside Park in Roscoe or Rockton Sports Complex. PLEASE double check your schedule for location

What equipment am I loaned for the year?
You are loaned shoulder pads and a helmet, which is to be returned after the last game of the season.

You are given a game jersey and ONE pair of game/practice pants to keep at the end of the season.

​You are responsible for the following items:

  • cleats
  • practice jerseys
  • mouthguard with tether
  • practice pants (optional)
  • athletic supporter (cup) and compression shorts or girdle

Who needs a medical physical?

7th and 8th grade players must receive a medical physical in order to play football

How are coaches selected?
Each football team in the RRL has a coaching staff comprised of a Head Coach, up to 4 Assistant Coaches, and when/if possible Practice Coaches. The Head Coach is responsible for all coaches on his staff. The Assistant Coach are actively involved in practices and during games. Practice Coaches are involved at practices only and are not on the sidelines during games.

Head Coaches are selected based on organizational skills, personal relationship skills, alignment with the RRL’s philosophy, football knowledge, and coaching experience. Assistant Coaches are selected based on football knowledge and alignment with the RRL’s philosophy.

Process for selecting Head Coaches:
A master coach list including all potential coaches and previous coaches is assembled and sorted by division.
The RRL Board, AD, and coordinator(s) review the previous and current registration numbers to anticipate the number of coaching staffs needed for the upcoming season.
The AD and coordinator(s) review the list of coaches based on divisions their child is participating in and identifies candidates for interviewing.
The AD and coordinator(s) interview the candidates.
The AD and coordinator(s) select a candidate.
The AD makes the recommendation to the RRL Board.
The RRL Board, AD, and coordinator(s) discuss the list of candidates and votes to approve or reject the recommendation.

Process for selecting Assistant Coaches:
The AD, coordinator(s) and Head Coaches meet to review the list of coaches available in their division. The goal is to identify candidates that will bring a full range of Offense, Defense and Special Teams skills to the staff. When there are multiple teams, experience is also considered.
The AD, coordinator(s) and Head Coaches identify coaches for a staff.
The AD makes the coaching staff recommendations to the RRL Board.
The AD, coordinator(s) and RRL Board discuss the recommendations.
The RRL Board approves or rejects the recommendations.

Process for selecting Practice Coaches:
Parent volunteers identified by the coaching staff at practices as well as coaches not selected for a staff are identified and recommended by the Head Coach to the AD and coordinator(s).
The AD and coordinator(s) discuss and interview the candidate.
The AD approves or rejects the recommendation.