RRL Jr Indians Football Practice
Flyweight - 8th grade Football is scheduled to begin
Monday July 26, 2021 from 5:00 - 7:00pm at Rockton Sports Complex

What to wear and bring:

First 3 days of practice: 

  • Helmet WITH mouth guard attached by tether (PLEASE work with your player to ensure (s)he can snap chin strap W/O help!)
  • Practice jersey with last name and division on back
  • Shorts
  • ​Cleats (with socks tall enough so rubbing of the cleats won't cause blisters or raw skin)
  • 1/2 gallon of water

Days 4/5 and afterward:

  • Helmet WITH mouth guard attached by tether
  • Practice jersey with last name on back
  • Shoulder pads 
  • Practice pants WITH pant pads included
  • Athletic supporter / cup
  • Cleats
  • 1/2 gallon of water

Coaches are volunteers as well, dedicating their time and talents to our kids. If for any reason a player is unable to attend a practice session or game, we ask that parents contact  their head coach  prior to the practice or game. A list of the coaches will be provided to each player when the rosters are completed.

Any participant injury that requires the attention of a doctor or other medical professional, including injuries NOT occurring during practice or games, must have a physician’s note stating that they can return to the field. This is mandatory and applicable to all levels of Football & Cheer.

All tackle football players must complete conditioning. We ask that everyone adjust their schedules so that players do not miss these important practices.
Please arrive 15 minutes early so that players can locate their coaches and we can begin promptly.

Parental Attendance:
Parental attendance or a designated responsible adult is encouraged at all practices and games. This is intended to ensure proper adult supervision in the event of injury, illness, suspension of practice/game due to inclement weather or other emergency circumstances in which the child is required to stop participation. It is also intended to allow for schedule conflicts, car pooling, and attendance sharing among families. In the event that a parent is unable to attend a practice or event, the identity of the designated responsible adult must be made available to the coach prior to the practice or game. It is also the responsibility of the designee to keep an eye on the activities of the child/children they are responsible for.

Field Safety:
Due to safety concerns and insurance reasons, parents, relatives and children watching the practice are asked to stay at the periphery of the field during the entire practice season.

Practice As You Play:
One of the more popular homilies you may here from one of the Roscoe Rockton Jr Indians coaches is "
Practice Like You Play." In the world of sports it just means to develop good habits and a high effort level in practice so that it carries over into real games. Remember to make a point of pride to do every practice at full speed and full power, with rigorous precision and total concentration.Yes, it takes more energy; but you’ll feel greater satisfaction too. And when the“big game”comes, you’ll be ready.

"Show class, have pride and display character. If you do. winning will take care of itself." Paul "Bear" Bryant.

All players are required to wear a practice jersey with your last name neatly printed on the back, athletic supporter with cup, mouth piece and the predetermined attire set forth by your head coach. All players are required to bring enough water to sustain themselves throughout a two hour practice.

Please park safely at the park, being respectful of the land loaned to us for our use. 

DO NOT PARK on the grass at Rockton Sports Complex